Last Thursday, held, though not very, but still loud release rail shooter from Tabasco Interactive, Star Horizon. Immediately is to say that Star Horizon is not analogous to the famous Galaxy on Fire or even remotely resembling it. Star Horizon is an arcade game in which players will not allow you to move freely around the open world, and will control the vehicle to move which we can only for applying the correct attacks and evading flying in our shells. So there you go. The player will provide the opportunity to play for one of the elite pilots of the space assault ships – John, who is in the service of the Federation. The Federation invented some artificial intelligence, Ellie, who strongly motivates and helps pilots stay mentally strong during the flight. But, according to the laws of the genre, go unpunished is the introduction of AI could not.

Opponents of the Federation are the rebels who are fighting for liberation from the influence of this Federation. And that, when it is strongly heated the outcome of the war, not everything goes according to plan. The commander of the ship, the Mothership is destroyed and the AI of this ship, Ellie, puts John on for thousands of years. Now, after a long sleep, we have to find out what happened really and what can save the galaxy from total chaos. In General, the plot of the story is pretty interesting and the story promises to be interesting, but who the hell looks at the story in shooters, right? Star Horizon was developed on the Unity engine, so developers Tabasco Interactive is very proud of its achievements in the field of graphics and what the maximum they could squeeze out of this engine. And the graphics are really impressive, there is an abundance of various effects, perfectly drawn models of ships, massive explosions and all in the same spirit. Our eyes constantly marvel at all this graphics console level. As for the gameplay, then there is disagreement. Some players expect from Star Horizon what from Galaxy on Fire: open world economy, elements of tactics and things that they saw in GoF. As a rule, this category of players puts a negative rating the game in AppStore. The other group of players either didn’t expect anything from this game and bought it or downloaded it for fun, or knew in advance that it will be a rail arcade without any sane RPG elements. And these people were not a bit disappointed in Star Horizon. They even were very surprised by some moments. So, Star Horizon is a rail shooter. What does it mean? This means that we will not give full control over the ship, and we will not be able to fly to the edge of the galaxy. Each level has a certain trajectory, which we will gradually move. To control, we can only position on the screen (top, bottom, and so on) to Dodge flying in our shells, to apply pinpoint strikes with missiles and lasers and much more in this spirit.

We will also be able to twist pirouette in all directions, to the drums and just quickly roll from one side to another. By the way, the game supports a game controller, which is very nice. And so we have to go through many dynamic levels and destroy the enemy fleets. But the dynamics of this game certainly does not hold! Also pleasantly surprised by the presence of moral choice. For example, in the beginning, we propose to open the report for a ship that is seemingly immaterial. But then we will have to choose between the lives of our friends and performing assigned tasks. Not bad, huh? And now, thanks to this election, the player can choose the side on which he stands is to allow the Federation to seize total control of the Galaxy, or join the ranks of the Rebels and get rid of this tyranny once and for all. Upon passage of the storyline, players also know what happened really with the AI and us, what happened all this time, and how to fix it.

We will have a part in massive space battles, a huge variety of spaceships and weapons and a very interesting space story, which we will do ourselves. On the dynamics of this game is not inferior to the same Asphalt with his crazy speed and tricks. Star Horizon is an arcade shooter game with very beautiful graphics, annoying gameplay, high dynamics, an interesting storyline and a relatively decent variety of ships and upgrades for them. Fans of arcade games and space shooters – definitely take it. But those who want a well-developed system of RPG, open world and economy is to ignore this project, but, nevertheless, they should take a look at the game as an arcade game and still play. It’s worth it.


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