Quite often I find unnecessary things at home that I would like to get rid of.

The mobile application does not have a desktop version, it is sharpened for mobile devices based on Android and iOS. About him today and talk.

The security of my purchases or sales is very important to me. You can immediately connect your Facebook and/or VK profiles to your letgo account. And it is really convenient because you can immediately find detailed information about the seller and decide whether it inspires confidence. In addition, you can subscribe to your friends from social networks and see what they sell. What if something suits you?


The problem is most services that allow you to sell things that the search of any goods they hampered large number of proposals. Of course, filter by cities is everywhere, but here the solution is much sleeker and smarter: use trivial geolocation, which shows only suggestions, in fact, limited pedestrian accessibility. Which allowed simplifying the interface — the closest offers to sell immediately visible on the start screen of the app. The filters are implemented in the search field.


The Letgo service relies on social features. First, it is the circle of closest friends, you can invite using Facebook or Vkontakte (authorization also occurs through these social networks). Secondly, with any person, putting the thing on sale, you can start a chat within the application — no need any calls or other instant messengers — everything is here and now. This not just saves time — it’s a different lifestyle, very close to the target audience.

In Letgo very convenient is a chat with the seller – it works similar to any instant messenger. In addition, you can easily bargain – in the application there is a button with which you can offer the seller your price for the goods.

With the creation of the announcement of the sale of goods should not be a problem, everything is done very simply and quickly. You need to take pictures of the goods, specify information about it, set the price and determine your location. The latter is set automatically, although it can be changed if you write on the road or from a friend’s apartment, for example.

Letgo Sell and Buy Used Stuff app download


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