This week went great Manager simulator Formula 1, of course not everybody likes all there managers. However, fans of the Royal race is like. You will feel like one of the owners of the racing team, where your choices determine the fate of your team. In Motorsport Manager, the main task of the player: will be to find pilots, engineers, and solve all sorts of different … to manage a team. Moreover you just have to know the search for sponsors, though they do offer you different sponsorship contributions and you decide to have yourself to work with them or not: it’s better to look at the prize offering sponsor.

When launching the game, we are going to name your team: How to call and chase. Like in these races, we have to establish its “Stable” so that everything was smooth. Before the main race, you will pass the stages of “Skills”, choosing the strategy for the main race – the two pilots at our disposal. Releasing them to the track we will be able to set goals for pilots, for them to choose the driving style, tyres and for one of them it is best to choose an aggressive style of driving to another pilot could go forward – of course we need to monitor tire wear, which will affect the speed of your racing car. Passing round and round, we can choose a strategy for the race. Before you start “Training” our sponsor is ready to assign the prize provided that you perform their tasks: tend to go to a certain place.

In the race almost the same before, of course we need to choose with you in any of the series races we will participate, and a lot of them. Selecting a series, after “Qualification” we go to the actual races, there are already serious. Race track in front of us, many circles and a lot of opponents, your strategy depends on the fate of your team. As a race need to be closely watched indicators, because the rubber wears out, the opponents crushed, pit stops are inevitable. As a race we give commands to each of the two pilots as they race and when you are ready to take them to the pit stop for tire replacement and refueling. In the race cars then and there, just dots, with the numbers of our pilots. On the screen all the informative who and how you are ahead of where the accident occurred – you will always know in what place, what happened. As in “Training” the sponsor will give you money for the soma race if follow their conditions. And the money Oh as are necessary, will pay a pilot, engineers to extend their contracts for infrastructure should also be money so you could improve your race car and everything associated with your team.

Motorsport Manager is quite interesting, I think it will appeal to all fans of racing. When we will feel on themselves the fate of the owner of the team. To count points in the tournament and team score. Who’s the best who’s the worst now it all depends on you. The team needs to feed and improve, hiring new young pilots and engineers that they were able to significantly improve your racing car. Take difficult decisions, keep track of your purse, to have enough for all. Of course in Motorsport Manager is Manager – supernatural should be expected. Great implementation of a racing simulator of racing, with great potential for the future. The roar of the engines of a race car formula one right at the palm of your hand, every lap the car is flying with a huge roar of the engine. Now the fate of the team in your hands – personally I suggest you to buy the game, and you will feel what it means to be the owner of the racing team Royal racing.


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