A few weeks ago in the App Store released a new, at first glance, nondescript game, but learning the game closer she drew attention to herself. Surely you’ve played Plague.inc, which was a successful game, what do you mean was, he is and remains always on the top in the App Store. Plague.inc. we destroyed the virus the whole world. Here Are Bio Inc. offers us almost the same, not only in scale but only in one person. What I can tell you is very exciting, to mock a virtual person. Developing it various diseases, we try to kill the hero.

It all starts with the fact that the doctor promises to save the patient, however, we already know that the doctor is not that does not happen. Then we start our task by all means not to allow the man to survive and to bring all to death. Bio Inc. will offer a variety of levels, real medical terms and symptoms of the disease. With each level getting harder and harder to kill the “victim”, a variety of levels which become harder and harder. And we, as the virus must do everything possible not to allow doctors to cure his patient. Squashing viruses any systems of the human body from the nervous system to the blood, we need to fulfill your destiny. If this does not work, you can resort to additional rounds – ln the place of drugs poison, to make the honey. sisters on strike or just break the mind of the doctor.

We see pure strategy in which every step must be calculated before, in case of success doctors we need to put pressure on other organs, to choose another sinister way. There are other ways, which also should not be forgotten. Suppose our patient leads a sedentary life, or we’ll make him eat junk food… All of this entails a violation of the life support systems and will facilitate destructive activities. To make the “Victim” afraid of the doctor, and he just runs away from the hospital, thus we win time. As for the performance in the game, it is not all looks beautiful – the human body: the skeleton, nervous system, blood system and other very well done. However, the game can quickly get bored if you’ll do the same thing in each level, certainly not always that you will pass. There is a variety of ways – collecting BIO POINTS, you can buy other symptoms of the disease, doing so quickly that doctors had no chances for successful treatment.

Bio Inc., what if you stand in the place of the virus?! Bio Inc., what if you stand in the place of the virus?!

As a result, we have a great strategy, very exciting, the game will offer many human “beings” from an athlete to a superhuman. We know the Bio strategy Inc. will develop and there will be new missions, new levels and so on.


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