Even back in 2011, the App Store, we saw an interesting interpretation of sea battles from the Battle Group, at that time debutants, Bane Games based in Australia. I certainly didn’t have chance to play it, but the fact that today in the App Store released a sequel to Battle Group 2, it is safe to say that Battle Group at the time she made a noise in the App Store. As a result, today we got a Battle Group 2 – brand new: with improved graphics, a large number of realistic ships and much more. But there is also a huge negative impact on the rating of the game.

Battle Group 2 offers us to return to the vastness of the ocean, with new battleships that are ready to go battle group in an interesting naval battles. I don’t know why but the game reminds me of “iBomber” – maybe because of the style or the views from the top-down …. The player will take part in the war for their country, using modern ships. In the future, a power that calls itself “Card” seek to sow widespread destruction around the world. You are the last battle group tasked to stop the Talon. As the game itself, you will not only destroy the enemy planes, helicopters and buildings, but also take care of your vehicle. We can improve your vehicle or buy more powerful and secure the battleship, and buy a vehicle partner with whom you can more easily fight for their country.

As you progress our goal: to collect with a bat enemy aircraft that are just swarming over you, relieving you of the different types of bomb to collect “fuel”. We also must protect our own ship knocking induced a missile at us. The management is very interestingly done using “touch”, pointing at the screen, we produce our own missiles, in the place where we have chosen. As for the “range” of enemy units, it is very flexible. We have over 30 levels to see firsthand the masses of different enemy aircraft, every five levels, we will find a powerful Boss, which fufelnaya the ship is not so easy to sink. So take care that your ship had been more powerfully armed and protected.

Everything seems fine, but that’s a huge minus – we need constantly to buy something through in-app purchases. If one of your ships is broken, you will have to wait some time for final recovery or buy a quick repair. If you want to buy a new ship, more powerful, so not so easy to get – there is a choice several times to go through the same levels or buy for your hard-earned game currency to buy new ship.


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