After the first announcement of the game Back to Bed from Bedtime Digital Games developer, I was interested in the gameplay. Himself Back to Bed combines two genres arcade and puzzle game in which our task is to put an office clerk who suffers from sleepwalking to sleep. Because as we know “lunatics”, do not think and do not see, the player’s task is to keep the main character Bob and not to let it fall to the inevitable, with the help of “guardian angel” subob are.

The main character and his “guardian” will travel through a surreal and beautiful world where the boundaries between dream and reality disappeared for Bob. We, the players, control subob are th Keeper of our poor fellows, who suffers from sleepwalking. The task may seem simple, but it’s not as easy to guide the main character to the door, behind which his bed. Moving an Apple on the way of the hero, we allow him to know that he is an obstacle, thus, the hero changes direction. Every time we need to properly set the obstacle to the right to direct Bob to his bunk. It seems simple, it isn’t, the farther, the harder we have to pick up a huge Apple, before the hero will cross the line into inevitability. Metyas around the surreal world of Apple, we have to prove the path to Bob, by not placing him where he can go completely the other direction, will have to think about which square we need.

Back to Bed got a very interesting game, lots of levels, which differ from one another not only in complexity but also the environment. By the way, we still have a lot of levels, because at the moment the other levels are locked. There are downsides, and maybe the pros, time to pass the level is not set if the character is falling is not scary, nor that it does not affect the successful completion – for me it loses the meaning of the passage. I want to be the best, be fast and smart. Playing, knowing what mistakes you do not become bored and sad. But many pros, the atmosphere of the game great, all in all, for the hero of the world live their lives – but the graphics are just perfect – the animation is smooth and does not irritate. I think everyone will like the gameplay, the atmosphere of the game and the relative calm in the gameplay.


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